Hi there! My name is Belinda and I am a horse trainer and coach who trains with positive reinforcement. I have completed Connection Training‘s instructor program and am now a certified Connection Training Coach

I’m located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and I offer coaching in areas of South East Qld and the NSW North Coast. I also offer online coaching for those who live outside of  the areas I can travel to. (If you’re unfamiliar with online coaching, you may be surprised to learn that it is a very effective way to learn how to train your horse yourself – but more on that later!) If you’d like to find out more about coaching please get in touch.  For more info about me, please read my bio on the Connection Training website.

Thank you for visiting my new website! I’ll be adding more content here in the very near future, but for now I’d just like to say that I’m looking forward to helping like-minded people on their own personal journeys to find kinder ways with horses and other equines.