Hi there! My name is Belinda and I am a certified Connection Training Coach. This means I train horses (and other equines) with positive reinforcement in a way that focuses on their emotional well-being. I love helping like-minded people who are searching for kind and effective ways of communicating with their equine friends. When I am coaching, it is my goal to provide support and guidance in a way that ensures both horse and human enjoy the experience as they progress on their training journey together.

A bit about me:

  • Certified Connection Training Coach – (for information on Connection Training please visit the website.)
  • Bachelor of Science (I majored in zoology and genetics, and my favourite areas of study were anthrozoology, ethology and animal behaviour.)
  • Prior to immersing myself in the study of positive reinforcement and related subjects, I spent many years working with horses. My work history includes working with a range of horses, from the first handling of foals through to schooling FEI dressage movements. 
  • From when I was a child I learned traditional riding and training techniques and went through phases of learning the popular natural methods that involve rope halters and roundpens. As time went by I was drawn to the idea of classical dressage for the horse’s benefit, and to the evidence-based approach of equitation science. My interest in horse welfare drove me to continuously search for kinder ways of training horses.
  • I first learned clicker training in a dog agility class sometime around the year 2000, but for some strange reason it did not occur to me to use it with my horses until much later! My horses loved clicker training when I finally gave it a go, but to begin with I had learned a fairly mechanistic approach and I ran into issues with tense and over-excited, over-aroused horses and had no-one to turn to for help! 
  • Thankfully I found Connection Training, where I discovered that they were applying concepts from the scientific study of emotions to positive reinforcement training. This focus on the horse’s emotional well-being was a huge piece of the puzzle for me. When the opportunity to study in-depth with Hannah Weston, Rachel Bedingfield and Shawna Karrasch in their instructor training program arose I was thrilled to be accepted as a student. 
  • Having completed the program I am now actively helping horses and people with their training via in-person and online coaching and I’m finding it immensely rewarding to see the progress being made! 


  • I am located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and offer coaching in areas of South East Qld and the NSW North Coast.
  • I also offer online/remote coaching which is very convenient and an effective way to learn! 

For more details, please visit the Coaching section of this site.  

 For more info about me, please read my bio on the Connection Training website.

Thanks for visiting my site! 


Online/Remote Coaching:

Online coaching is an effective and convenient way to obtain support and help with your training. My coaching style is supportive and empathetic, and it’s really important to me that both human and horse enjoy the process as they progress together on their training journey!

How does it work?

The process is simple. First you get in touch with me to make a booking, then you take a 5 – 10 minute video of your training. Once you have shared the video with me, we then connect online via video call using Skype or Zoom. Calls go for between 45 minutes and one hour.

What sorts of things do we talk about on calls?

  • Goals: I can help you to break down your big goals into achievable steps and provide support to help you stay on track.
  • Problem solving: Things not going to plan? I can help you take a fresh look at what is going on with your horse’s behaviour and the training process. We can then work together to identify the important factors that may be at play, and determine techniques, strategies and plans that will work best for you and your horse.
  • Improve your skills and knowledge: We can watch your training videos together in real time. This means you can ask questions as we go, we can pause and rewind to take a closer look at a particular moment, and I can offer observations, feedback and suggestions that will help you focus on the positives and provide guidance for your continued progress.
  • Creative training: Are you looking for some new ideas to help you move forward? Or maybe you’re looking for help brainstorming a new way to approach something? This is something I love doing. It’s such a fun part of the training process.
  • Connecting with someone on the same wavelength: Quite a lot of people doing positive reinforcement are quite isolated. Often they’re the only person they know who does equine clicker training. I can really relate to this, as I’ve been in that situation too! One of the things I love about coaching calls is that I get to talk to people who love this way of training and being with horses as much as I do, and I’ve had others tell me they feel the same!

Each partnership between a human and an equine is unique. With your input I can help you to find a path to follow that will work for you both.


Coaching calls are $50AUD. Payment is via Paypal.

(For international folk, this amount is in Australian Dollars, so you will need to use a currency conversion tool to calculate what this translates to in your country’s currency at this time.)

How to Book:

Simply email me at, let me know you’re interested in online coaching and we can organise things from there. 🙂

If you’d like help with the “how to” of recording your training on video or of making video calls on Skype or Zoom let me know. I realise these can be barriers to getting help for some people, so please ask, I am more than happy to help!

Prior to our first call I’ll also send you some questions about yourself and your horse – what you’re working on, your horses’s details, history, and that sort of thing.

In-Person Coaching:

I am located on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia, and can travel to some areas of South East Queensland and the North Coast of New South Wales. The cost of a private lesson (45min – 1hr) is $50AUD.

In-person coaching may require an additional fee for travel, which will vary according to your location.

For in-person coaching enquiries please email